PulseOn Accessory straps

Boost your workouts with Energetic Acid yellow & Dramatic Midnight blue


Personalize your PulseOn with accessory straps!

Washable and changeable elastic fabric straps ensure perfect fit and provide superior comfort during your exercises.

Midnight blue

Dramatic style to gym, blue elegance for everyday. Change your PulseOn’s style within seconds with accessory straps.

Acid yellow

Show off your energy boost with Acid accessory strap. Woven from elastic fabric; no more sweaty rubber bands during your workouts!

Box includes

2 accessory straps for PulseOn, colors: Midnight & Acid.

Buckle included in the PulseOn heart rate device sales box

Strap size guide

L size

180 mm - 250 mm

7.1 in - 9.8 in

S size

160 mm - 190 mm

6.3 in - 7.5 in