Afterwork spinning, the ultimate stress reliever

PulseOn is the perfect training companion for those who are active and goal driven.

Kate is all about balancing time between work and her busy personal life. All day meetings, running from one office to another and commuting on top of that leaves no extra time to spare.

Optimizing the time when in gym or running in a park is not an easy task for a busy person. Kate has found PulseOn helpful when she has only 30min to spare – she just trains more intensively to reach the same Training Effect as in her long and steady runs. PulseOn provides her with her personalized intensity range in real time already during her workout and also shows the real effect of the training session as real time feedback already during the training session.

Spinning, her favorite sport in bad London weather, lets her get even more feedback during training from her smartphone. The PulseOn app helps Kate to reach her Training Effect goals effectively, and ensures she has sufficient recovery time afterwards.

Either for short intensive bursts or long and steady workouts, PulseOn gives your training the most simplified and actionable training feedback based on your personal Fitness Level. Read more about PulseOn’s analytics based on your heart rate here.