Fitness Level

Fitness level means your maximum aerobic performance. Its golden standard measure is VO2max (maximal oxygen consumption). Oxygen is consumed in your body when your muscles work – the more they work the more oxygen is needed. A fit person is able to make his or her muscles to work more or longer without getting exhausted. When you get more fit you notice that you are able to do the same exercise easier than earlier – your fitness level has improved!

To find out your Fitness Level, run or walk briskly for a minimum of 20 minutes with GPS (application and phone GPS on) – your PulseOn will do the rest! After you sync the exercise data to your phone, your Fitness Level will be shown at the bottom of the application home page.

It is recommended to test your Fitness Level regularly, at least once a month. Fitness Level affects your Training Effect, Training Intensity, Recovery Time and kCal estimation, and outdated Fitness Level information may cause their values to be inaccurate.