Great design: Form meets function in PulseOn

PulseOn’s Research and Development -team took a functional approach into PulseOn device’s design process. The design team set strict guidelines: the end product has to work in for every wrist size and form possible, without compromising the market leading accuracy of the optical heart rate sensor - and have a highly desirable look and feel while doing so.


One of the most recognizable aspects to PulseOn’s design are the connecting metal hinges between the device and the textile strap. The stainless steel hinges that visually finalise the device’s sides protect the technical components and house the devices two control buttons.

Also PulseOn’s Minimal design means minimal difficulties. PulseOn has two modes & two buttons beautifully crafted from stainless steel – that’s all you need when you are using the device and to record your exercises. After your workout workout details and analysis is automatically synced with PulseOn application.


PulseOn is small in size, high in detail:

PulseOn’s design identity is taking its essence from material contrasts, shiny display meeting the texture of textile strap. Stainless steel detailing is adding a layer of style and functionality to the product identity.

Stainless steel details (acid resistant 316L) and the characteristic minimal design decisions add the much needed style and elegance into the Sports & Fitness wearable market. PulseOn is designed in Finland - known of great design and innovative technologies, and also soon after release PulseOn was recognized with Design from Finland –mark.

Boldly black PulseOn Coal has brushed and ion plated black stainless steel details and polished PulseOn Cloud has shiny stainless steel finishing as a result of brushed, polished and precisely engraved details.


PulseOn uses advanced manufacturing processes, including high   precision turned stainless steel components, detail etching, machining, brushing and engraving to give attention to the smallest finishing details. In all manufacturing, PulseOn meets SO9001 Quality Management, and ISO14001 environmental standards – these are something that ensure PulseOn's high quality and environmental standards.