Morning runs with PulseOn

Set your goals high, tie your shoe laces, breathe in the fresh air – and let your feet fly with PulseOn!

Kate loves to run in the mornings, setting the pace for the whole day for her. To keep energized during her busy and sometimes hectic days, running gives her the push she needs to stay positive and productive throughout the day.

For Kate PulseOn is giving the freedom from chest straps, simplicity in use and hassle free mornings – she wants to be able to get meaningful feedback in a simplistic manner and also find the motivation to go forward. We know that the beautiful mornings are the best times to get the most out of your trainings, but it does require that extra motivation to get out of bed that hour earlier!

How about letting PulseOn help with that? For example focusing more on doing more varied runs by changing the intensity and total Training Effect of your runs, and not only staring at your distance or speed. Knowing the actual effect that your training session has had on your personal fitness can be just the feedback that keeps you motivated.

Read more about PulseOn’s analytics based on the accurate heart rate our stylish device gathers here. Let the early morning runs become your favorite thing for the spring!