OHR Sensor Modules

PulseOn’s low power OHR sensor module provides a turnkey solution for optical heart rate monitoring. Our module includes all key HW needed for the OHR: optical sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor for reliable and low-power off-hand detection, and a MCU to run the data acquisition and algorithms. It supports several operating modes, from accurate continuous heart rate monitoring during intense sports to low power beat-to-beat heart rate variability monitoring during sleep, and 24/7 continuous heart rate. It operates with the host system over SPI or I2C, and is water-proof.

P-OHR1F sensor module features

Patented OHR solution & algorithms for various use cases
• Sports: accurate up to MaxHR and full running speeds
• Rest: beat-to-beat accurate (HRV) with > 99 % beat detection accuracy and < 6 ms time resolution
• 24/7: reliable low power continuous HR tracking combined with activity tracking (activity, steps, calories)

Large dynamic multi-wavelength (green & IR) PPG and optimized asymmetric opto-mechanical design (patented)
• Adaptation to skin color variations & anatomic differences
• Adaptation to perfusion variations
• Efficient ambient light cancellation even in extreme conditions
• Optimized power consumption – extremely low power in rest while still accurate during movement and high ambient light conditions

The most accurate and reliable detection of heart rate for sports, rest and daily HR
• Efficient motion artefact cancellation even when heart and motion frequencies overlap
• Efficient ambient light cancellation even in rapidly changing conditions
• Compensation of poor quality or missing PPG with accelerometer and physiological modeling
• Beat-to-beat detection comparable to ECG => HRV
• Algorithmic power consumption optimization (LED power control, channel selection)
• Reliability > 94 %, accuracy > 96 % during sports in PulseOn’s reference design
• Movement classification / activity tracking (steps, calories, activity class, inertia-based distance

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