Designed to look & feel different

“Minimalistic, comfortable to wear and easy to use. Device that is wearable even outside workout sessions.”

These characteristics are seldom heard when talking about heart rate monitors, and even less when we think of optical heart rate monitors. PulseOn’s Research and Development –team took these factors as positive challenges and as a result PulseOn released the smallest, most accurate and comfortable heart rate monitor with a design never seen within sports before.

PulseOn’s R&D team took completely different design approach compared to typical heart rate monitors. What makes PulseOn so different in the end?

Size, comfort & great design ensuring ease of use

PulseOn is minimal in size, minimal in weight, no chest strap required. Out off the ordinary design keeps in mind sporty, fashionable fitness enthusiasts during and off the training sessions with its clever material choices and stylish accessory bands.

Materials are chosen for durability, and comfort in mind, without compromising meaningful design aspects: stainless steel meets glossy display, sleek dimensions and fabric elastic strap for discreet and lightweight using experience.

Feel the difference and get more focus into your workouts

Using PulseOn is completely different using experience compared to traditional HR-monitors. PulseOn is Jewel for gym & discreet for street: PulseOn combines minimal, stylish design and state of the art HR measurements giving users the most meaningful and analyzed training feedback, wrapped into comfortable, easy to use device and companion application for Android & iOs.