PulseOn strap – designed for ultimate comfort and ease of use, everyday

After numerous design iterations PulseOn R&D team saw that in order to provide the best in-use experience the comfort must be superior and the design personalizable.

As a result PulseOn's straps are made from carefully selected custom made technical fabric that is slightly elastic ensuring comfort during workouts; and washing in between training sessions is made easy. The strap itself is made from a breathing textile material that is seldom seen in activity trackers or heart rate monitors.

One of the things that users feel when using PulseOn is the comfort of fabric elastic strap - and after a while forget wearing any device at all. That’s exactly how it should be; PulseOn wants you to be able to focus on your workout.

PulseOn’s accessory straps have been added to PulseOn’s collection for fitness style lovers – customization and styling PulseOn is made easy, giving your workout a splash of color and sporty style. Show some colour with energetic Acid & dramatic Midnight!


PulseOn is the most minimal heart rate wearable, excelling in accuracy and ease of use. During the design process PulseOn R&D decided that thinking outside the box and concepting around real users hidden needs and desires is the way to go – as a result the strap is ensuring the comfort and at the same time accuracy of heart rate -data – as well as the resulting meaningful, personalized feedback into training. The future of HR-analysis is here, give your workouts a companion that helps you reach your full potential.