PulseOn device technology


Basics of PulseOn technology PulseOn technology is based on optical measurement of blood flow under your skin. PulseOn’s patented optical sensor includes green and infra-red LEDs which illuminate your skin and the small capillary vessels close to your skin, and an electro-optical cell (photodetector) which detects the light which is back-scattered from your skin and tissue. When your heart pumps, the blood flow varies according to the heart’s pumping frequency. PulseOn sensor detects this variation from the optical signal and determines your heart rate based on this.

Why PulseOn is so accurate? PulseOn’s performance has been tested in various cardio-intensive sports, from biking to walking to running etc, from lower intensities to the highest performance speeds, and it has been found to provide excellent accuracy and reliability even up to the maximum heart rates! The performance has been validated against ECG which is the golden standard for heart rate monitoring in medical use. In fact, our sophisticated technology allows detection of heart rate up to beat-to-beat accuracy, enabling monitoring your heart rate variability which reveals information about your physiological status, including stress, sleep and recovery! This all is done so that you can truly replace your chest belt with full confidence!

 Correlation  Comparison

There are also other optical heart rate monitors on the market – so what makes PulseOn more accurate?

Multiwavelength technology. When you are feeling hot the blood flows on very surface of your skin while in colder conditions your blood flows in deeper layers.  PulseOn is based on our patented optical sensor that includes different wavelengths of light which illuminate your skin in different depths, and advanced intelligent algorithms which may choose the most optimal measurement depth in each condition. This allows us to adapt to changing conditions, including physiological, anatomical and other dynamic variations. Multiwavelength technology also makes PulseOn less sensitive to variations in e.g. skin color.


Intelligent algorithms. PulseOn intelligent algorithms are based on over 11 years of intensive research and development! PulseOn intelligent algorithms are based on physiological models and statistical optimization. They are able to reject disturbances caused by movements or ambient light and to detect the tiny modulations caused by blood flow even in highest running speeds, up to maximum heart rate! The technology is validated to perform as accurately as traditional chest strap based heart rate monitors in various sports, from walking to running and cycling, in different conditions and speeds up to highest performance levels.

Mechanic design. Firm contact of the sensor to the skin is essential for the accuracy of the optical heart rate monitoring – any movement of the sensor against the skin tissue causes artefacts which block reliable heart rate tracking. PulseOn engineers and designers have chosen the device design carefully to optimize the heart rate accuracy. PulseOn sensor layout is optimized to keep the optical elements in contact to skin in any conditions and to minimize the effect of ambient light which might be leaking to the sensor during sports and blind the sensor. Strap attachment to the device is made self-adjusting and flexible to allow the device to snuggly fit to any wrist shapes and sizes. Strap material is carefully chosen to be knitted, elastic and breathing fabrics, which efficiently dampens movements of hand to cause sensor movements while still being ultra-comfortable during sports and daily life. PulseOn weights only 29 grams, minimizing the movement gravity and maximizing the comfort. Together, PulseOn design makes it both accurate and comfortable to wear.

Research and development. PulseOn collaborates closely with world-leading research institutions (e.g. CSEM and applies the strictest scientific standards to our measurement technology’s accuracy and reliability. From the start, we set a goal to ourselves to be able to offer leading edge accuracy and reliability with our sensor technology, meeting chest belt level performance during various sports but also offering the most reliable results outside training events, up to beat-to-beat accuracy.