Pushing intensively towards new personal bests with PulseOn

Race yourself, and get your adrenaline flowing with PulseOn!

Toby calls himself an “adrenaline junkie”. The races that he does with his bike along the rivers in London, are the perfect endurance workout, allowing him to improve his Fitness Level. Toby loves to race, and push his limits in every sport he does.

Being active in many different sports means that he needs a simple solution to be able to compare different workouts and activities. PulseOn is helping Toby to monitor not only the mere heart rate reading but also to look at for example his personal Training Intensity during the training activity. During and after his workouts he sees the effect a training session has had and can also see how his Fitness Level progresses over time.

Heart rate training, and more importantly getting simple actionable feedback during and after training sessions are the key metrics for Toby. The combination helps him to improve and keep himself motivated in whatever sports he’s involved with!

Read more about PulseOn’s analytics based on your heart rate here. Let there be no obstacles between you and your active lifestyle!