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Sports performance (EMBC2015 Gonzalo et al)       Download pdf
- Evaluation on the accuracy and reliability of PulseOn technology against ECG-derived HR in laboratory conditions during a wide range of physical activities and also during outdoor sports. The results showed PulseOn reliability (% of time with error <10bpm) of 94.5% with accuracy (100% - mean absolute percentage error) 96.6% as compared to ECG.


HRV performance (EMBC Parak et al)       Download pdf
- Evaluation of HRV recorded during sleep with PulseOn’s reference design wrist wearable. PulseOn technology detected on average 99.57% of the heartbeats with 5.94 ms mean absolute error (MAE) in beat-to-beat intervals (RRI) as compared to the ECG based RRI.


Speed and distance (EMBC Renevey et al)        Read more
- Evaluation of an accelometry-based speed estimation with inertial data processing with a wearable wrist device. Speed estimation in running and walking speeds detected by PulseOn’s technology provided results comparable to classical foot pod devices in the interval of ±5%.