Introducing PulseOn Features

PulseOn Software update Thanks to valuable feedback from our users, these added features help you to get the most out of your training sessions and to enjoy even more meaningful PulseOn experience!

Coaching towards your next Fitness Level

Coaching Your PulseOn mobile application can coach you after your workout and drive you towards your next Fitness Level. As all PulseOn’s analytics, the coaching feature is based on your personalized Fitness Level (VO2max), making sure to take your individual fitness routines into account. PulseOn mobile application gives advice on the suggested next workout after each training event, so you will stay on track and keep improving your Fitness Level. The coaching feature provides you with a suggestion on the optimal next workout and also advices on the targeted Training Effect – also balancing out the need for recovery in between your sessions.


Make every lap count


The lap counting helps you to record your personal bests and supports you in reaching the finish line! Track and record your laps by a simple press of a button - which one was the fastest and how long did it take? PulseOn makes lap counting and timing easy and simple. Laps can be made in Sport mode by pressing left button twice with the lap times automatically appearing in the Distance tab in your workout summary! distance_Laps


Keep your device display on during your workout

Device_screens_web As requested, the device display stays on during your training sessions in Sport mode. You see your current heart rate and get instant feedback on your performance already during your session - for example, the accumulated Training Effect or current Training Intensity - from your wrist device. From PulseOn application settings you can choose whether you would like to keep the display on during Sport mode, or keep it in power saving mode. It’s up to you!


Using PulseOn with 3rd party apps

You can use PulseOn to replace your chest belt heart rate monitor and send HR-data to any app that supports & receives Bluetooth LE / Bluetooth Smart HR data – Simple, no hassle, no chest straps! Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.40.26 Here are the three step instructions, more can be found in our Extended User Guide

  1. Press and hold both device buttons for 20 seconds and PulseOn device is reset.
  2. Press right button for 3 seconds to turn the device on again.
  3. Open your 3rd party application’s settings and find PulseOn under the Bluetooth LE / Bluetooth Smart settings list and pair it. Your PulseOn device will now send your heart rate data automatically to the 3rd party app!


Insights from PulseOn application


PulseOn mobile application gives you deeper insights into your training by showing your maximum and average heart rate after every workout in Training Intensity view. In addition, you can see a summary of the training time spent on each heart rate zone, which are personalized to your maximum performance. Also, PulseOn application shows graphics on your training history and your progress on month view in landscape position Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 13.30.14


All these features will help you to understand the meaning of every workout to your personal fitness and wellbeing. PulseOn is your personal training companion; you just start using PulseOn, and it starts learning you - helping you to improve your Fitness Level based on highly individualized analytics broken down to actionable feedback.