There’s so much more to your fitness than 10,000 steps a day


10,000 steps is the minimum daily exercise recommended by many national health organisations. Because most fitness trackers started out as pedometers, this tends to be the basis for the readings they take and the targets they set. That’s fine if you’re looking for some motivation to just get yourself moving – but not if you want more advanced assistance with maintaining or improving your fitness.

What if you want to know how effective your workout has been in helping you burn fat or lose weight? Your activity tracker either won’t have a clue or you’ll be encouraged to buy into an increasingly costly ecosystem of devices and apps such as blood pressure monitors, ‘smart’ scales, food diaries etc. which still may not accurately answer your question as they fail to know you.

To do that, you need to focus less on your daily steps, and more on what’s happening in your heart.

This is exactly what PulseOn does – listens to your heart during exercise and gives insightful feedback individualized to your personal fitness level. PulseOn is the single most effective and simple companion for knowing what is happening to your heart during exercise, and even telling you how long you should be recovering after your workouts.

Your heart rate is the key to understanding the effect of training on your fitness – counting steps is just counting steps.