Train at your peak, rest in between!

Optimize your balance between sweating & resting with PulseOn

Toby has set his goals high, and that shows. He loves to train at his peak but also seeks to balance between longer endurance cycling trips. He loves to push himself to the edge of his limits by maximizing the intensity of a workout thus also requiring enough time for recovery in between.

Going to the gym is one of Toby’s weekly routines, and keeping track of his fitness during those sessions is important to him. Toby noticed that getting the Training Intensity and Training Effect rising in the gym is rewarding and gives a fresh angle in keeping track of his fitness. These analytics help him to compare different workouts, and the effects on his Fitness Level.

Whether you are seeking to improve your fitness, balance between Recovery Time and different workouts, PulseOn helps you to find your own way. Train at your peak and keep your Fitness Level rising! Read more about PulseOn’s analytics based on your heart rate here.