Training Effect

The most important question on any exercise is: what effect did this exercise have on my fitness? When you train your body’s homeostasis is disturbed and as a reaction your muscles and aerobic capacity will gradually improve. The harder you push the larger is the disturbance and the greater is the effect – as well as the required recovery time. Correspondingly, same effort for a fit person has a lower impact on fitness than for a less-fit person – the effect is personal. PulseOn tells you the effect of your training with Training Effect (TE). Training Effect measures workout’s impact on aerobic fitness at a scale of 1.0-5.0. Low intensity makes Training Effect accumulate slower and higher intensity faster.


Training Effect is easy to follow on PulseOn as a key number to follow up your training program. Pay attention to have a proper mixture of different TE levels in your training program, balancing, improving or highly improving TE training with maintaining or recovery exercises

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