Your partner for high quality wearable Optical Heart Rate

PulseOn offers Optical Heart Rate (OHR) monitoring solutions for fitness, wellness and professional healthcare.

PulseOn patented sensor solution and advanced algorithms provide a scientifically validated continuous OHR detection in a wide range of conditions, up to beat-to-beat resolution, allowing for heart rate variability (HRV) analysis.

PulseOn B2B Partnership

Partnership with PulseOn enables manufacturers to build world-leading optical heart rate devices with minimal R&D effort, including algorithms, optimized power management and software integration. PulseOn offers various levels of customization in terms of mechanical, electrical and software design to best suit your needs.

White Label OHR Tracker

The PulseOn OHR Tracker is an ODM device for customers looking for a white label solution for their own branding. The solution offers highly accurate HR/HRV, ease-of-use, battery life up to 5 days (ongoing OHR measurement) and very fast time to market. It supports communication over Bluetooth® low energy.

Integrated Designs

PulseOn sensor solution can be designed directly onto a reference design product, ensuring a high level of specificity and optimization.