PulseOn white label OHR Tracker
for fastest time to market

The PulseOn OHR Tracker is an ODM device for customers who are looking for a white label solution for their own branding. PulseOn OHR Tracker offers proven high accuracy for OHR, heart rate variability, ease-of-use, extended battery life up to 7 days and very fast time to market. It supports communication over Bluetooth® low energy and ANT+. The product is designed for easy variant creation for wide range of use cases.

OHR Tracker key benefits

  • Accurate up to maximum heart rate for reliable monitoring during sports
  • Low power consumption for maximum battery life up to 7 days
  • Enables 24/7 activity monitoring with HR tracking
  • Sleep analyses including smart wake-up feature using vibrating motor
  • Automatic data transfer to application or service
  • Beat-to-beat accurate, high resolution for stress and recovery analysis
  • Very simple and easy to use with stylish design and easy customization

Multiple variants

Easy variant creation is possible with the changeable strap design and co-branding. The device is intended to be integrated with third party applications and services offering open interfaces and tools for easy development.

Display available

Available with or without a display to best suit your needs.

Device data from OHR Tracker

Data element
HR Average HR, with HRQI
HRV / IBI Beat-to-beat interval (ms) with QI
Steps Steps (walking, running, other)
Calories Calorie burn based on activity data or HR data*
Activity class Automated activity detection (running, walking, other, rest, sleep)
Sleep data Automated sleep detection and classification (light vs deep sleep, awake)
Speed, distance Inertia based estimation of running and walking speed and distance based on biomechanical model
Off-hand detection Automated off-hand detection
%VO2Max* Oxygen consumption during exercise
Fitness level* Automated VO2Max estimation during self-paced outdoor running (requires speed e.g. from GPS)
Training effect* Training Effect of the exercise
*Powered by Firstbeat HRV analytics libraries

For additional information, please contact: info@pulseon.com