Your partner for high quality wearable Optical Heart Rate

PulseOn is not a bare technology provider. We bring accurate optical heart rate monitoring technology alive in your product – be it a fitness or wellness band, smart watch, or other type of wearable device. We take responsibility that our optical heart rate technology really works accurately in your product, in your use cases, from workouts to 24/7, from fitness to stress and recovery management.

Partnership provides you access to our over 50 man years of research and development experience and competence on optical heart rate, from algorithms to optimized power management, from embedded software integration to optomechanical and mechanical design.

PulseOn Optical Heart Rate - tailored for your product

PulseOn makes sure that optical heart rate in your product really works. Our offering varies from turnkey optical heart rate module (PulseOn P-OHR1F) to integrated design directly on your HW and SW platform as well as white label OHR tracker product. Our design guidelines and engineers make sure your mechanical and electrical designs meet the requirements of the optical heart rate monitoring. We optimize the algorithms for your device and use cases, and our testing and validation ensures that the most important factors – accuracy and power consumption – are also met in the final product. With 30% of our staff as PhDs, we understand the science of optical heart rate monitoring and human physiology, and are able to push the limits of optical heart rate technology.
The constant development of our technology towards even higher heart rate accuracy, reliability and power optimization offers our customers the highest quality solutions for today and the future.

PulseOn contact for B2B partnership: Head of Sales & Marketing, Anna Nykänen