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PulseOn’s core is the incredibly accurate and reliable sensor technology combined with intelligent algorithms. We have been able to bring continuous heart rate monitoring with chest belt accuracy to sporting events in a wide range of sports and conditions. Dynamic measuring with different lights, position, powers and depths of your skin allows us to always find an optimal signal to determine your heart rate very accurately.

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Continuous heart rate monitoring during training sessions is the key to meaningful analytics on a person’s heart rate behavior. Earlier this has been possible only with uncomfortable chest belts. PulseOn's accurate continuous heart rate data allows to determine the full effect of training and truly tell you what your heart rate really means. With PulseOn you can get heart rate data in a wide range of sports in various conditions to help you to optimize your training towards your next fitness goal!

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PulseOn works on both iOS and Android platforms and uses Bluetooth for connecting to your smartphone. Your iOS device should have Bluetooth LE connection capability (on iPhones this means 4S or newer). On Android devices there aren’t any limitations regarding connectivity. However, we have tested the PulseOn app on Android operating systems starting from 4.0 and thus cannot guarantee how well PulseOn will run on older operating system versions.

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No! Just open PulseOn application to sync with your PulseOn device and then you are ready to go without your phone! PulseOn works independently, storing all your training data onto the device memory and automatically syncs the details into the application when you are close to your mobile device the next time. The memory of the PulseOn device is enough for tens of hours of exercise. However, to estimate your Fitness Level the application will need to know your speed and distance while you are running or walking outdoors, so you should use your phone with GPS on every now and then while exercising to keep your Fitness Level up to date.

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Sometimes it is possible that the device has drained it’s battery on very low level. In this case please put it on charger and after a couple of minutes charging icon should appear on device screen. Please make sure the charger clip is placed correctly and it gets electricity.

If the issue still continues, the device needs to be reset. For detailed instructions, please visit our Support Portal

Yes! PulseOn is waterproof until 1m/3ft under water and thus it is safe to shower with it and use it even in sports with splashing water. However, we have not yet validated the performance of the heart rate measurements in water, and especially cold water may cause reduced blood perfusion and therefore compromised heart rate accuracy.

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Yes! PulseOn can transmit accurate heart rate data by Bluetooth Smart/LE HR protocol to supporting third party fitness apps and devices.

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First check that your mobile phone has Bluetooth turned on. You might also restart your mobile phone as this clears Bluetooth cache. Sometimes these simple steps may help to fix the problem.

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