Intelligent algorithms. PulseOn’s intelligent algorithms are based on complex physiological models and statistical optimization. They are able to reject disturbances caused by movements or ambient light in order to detect the tiny modulations caused by blood flow. This allows reliable readings even in highest sports performance speeds, up to maximum heart rate and HRV detection.

Research and development. PulseOn collaborates closely with world-leading research institutions (e.g. CSEM) and applies the strictest scientific standards to the measurement technology’s accuracy and reliability. From the start, we set a goal to ourselves to be able to offer leading edge accuracy and reliability with our sensor technology, meeting chest belt level performance during various sports but also offering the most reliable results outside training events, up to beat-to-beat accuracy and HRV analysis. Continuous research and investment on technology keeps us a step ahead, expanding possibilities of optical monitoring into new areas such as respiration, blood oxygen levels, and cuffless blood pressure monitoring.