White Label OHR Tracker
for fast time to market

PulseOn ODM device is for customers looking for a private label solution for their own services, applications, research and data collection purposes. PulseOn OHR tracker enables fast time to market and easy integration to existing solutions through open interfaces, API and SDK. Raw data output.
The device is Bluetooth® enabled and designed for a wide range of use cases. Easy variant creation and co-branding is possible thanks to changeable strap design.

Perfect for service providers & application developers
- Stress, recovery & well-being
- Occupational health
- Sleep quality
- Research Suitable for testing, research and feasibility studies

OHR Tracker key benefits

  • Automatic data transfer to application or service (Bluetooth)
  • Standalone data collector device with up to 15 hours raw data storage for research purposes - 2 weeks for consumer use
  • API and SDK for further service development and back-end connectivity
  • Enables 24/7 activity monitoring with HR tracking
  • Low power consumption for maximum battery life up to 5 days (sampled OHR measurement)
  • Beat-to-beat accurate, high resolution suitable for third party stress and recovery analysis
  • Stylish, simple and easy to use, customization of strap and logo possible
  • Fast time to market

Multiple variants

Easy variant creation is possible with the changeable strap design and co-branding. The device is intended to be integrated with third party applications and services offering open interfaces and tools for easy development.

Device data from OHR Tracker

Data element
HR profile
HR Average heart rate
HRV / IBI Beat-to-beat interval (ms)
HRQI HR quality index for evaluating data reliability
Raw data Accelerometer and optical sensor output
Steps Accumulated steps separated for walking, running and biking
Calories Energy expenditure estimation based on activity data
Workout detection Automatic detection of workout
Activity class Accelerometer based information on the activity class including running, walking, other, rest

HR data can be displayed in third party applications utilizing Bluetooth HR profile. The device display shows some additional features and full data is available through API on the application side. PulseOn provides simple demo application as well as API and SDK for further development.

For more information, please contact: sales@pulseon.com