Professional Health Wearables

PulseOn wearable wrist device will offer doctors and health care professionals an affordable and easy option for screening and monitoring of atrial fibrillation.

Our advanced and validated algorithms will provide accurate optical beat-to-beat heart rate measurement and reliable analysis for the detection of the disorders.

PulseOn device is comfortable to wear for up to seven days without recharging and the information can be then easily accessed and analysed by the health care professionals.

Device is currently at feasibility study phase and not available for use in medical screening and monitoring.

Detection of Atrial Fibrillation with PPG

Publication (BHI 2018 Tarniceriu et al)
Detection of beat-to-beat intervals from wrist PPG in patients with Sinus Rhythm and Atrial Fibrillation after surgery.

Evaluation on the use of PPG in monitoring beat-to-beat heart rate in elderly patients with arrhythmia. The results showed that IBI estimation from wrist PPG signals is highly accurate in the absence of movement, even for elderly patients suffering of multiple comorbidities. Download pdf

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